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About Us

Our business is doing business with Brazil. Renowned as the land of soccer and samba, Brazil is also home to 200 million people and a highly-developed industrial base, as well as immense natural resources. If you need hands-on assistance and local knowledge for a project in Brazil, Hanover can help. We import directly from Brazilian manufacturers and facilitate out-sourcing to Brazilian suppliers. We develop export sales to Brazil, and we provide consulting services focused on Brazil. We are dedicated to facilitating your international trade objectives as either an importer or an exporter, or to providing you with the background your company needs to make informed decisions.

Hanover Brazil has over 20 years of experience in international trade. With offices in South Florida and in São Paulo, Brazil, the most important business center of South America, Hanover connects the largest economies of the new world. We also serve as representatives for American and European aerospace suppliers to Brazil. Hanover is a jointly owned American – Brazilian company. We are a fluently bi-lingual company, facilitators for conducting business across the linguistic divide of English and Portuguese, and we are eager to help you build the commercial and cultural bridges necessary to connect your business to its international goals.

Importing From Brazil
Hanover Brazil has close contacts developed over multiple decades in many industrial sectors, and we look forward to analyzing your inquiries across a broad range of product lines. Within the industrial spectrum we work closely with a number of foundries that produce high-quality iron and steel castings, and we develop component parts to design in conjunction with the engineering staffs of our manufacturing partners. Another focal sector is finished component parts for trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery, including a wide range of replacement parts for Caterpillar equipment and Cummins engines. Heavy duty components include radiators and oil coolers, belts, fabricated and machined parts, pumps, exhaust systems, fans, and many others. Another primary sourcing area for Hanover is wood products, particularly sawn hardwood lumber for export to American, Asian, and European manufacturers in flooring, decking, furniture and various other sectors. Related areas include furniture components, forestry services. Beyond our core product areas, we will be happy to analyze your import needs and provide direction to the best sources.

Exporting To Brazil
Hanover Brazil offers Representation for export sales of industrial products to Brazilís large industrial base. Please contact us to discuss a strategy for introducing your products in Brazil.

Consulting on Brazilian Projects
If your company requires assistance in identifying potential distributors, researching freight, import duty and tax factors, or other questions, please contact us to discuss and we will develop a services proposal for your project.

Hanover Brazil Marketing and Trade
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